What’s Wrong with Labour? Emily Thornberry

What’s wrong with Labour? Emily Thornberry.

The Tweet and explanations about a driveway with a white van and 3 English flags while she was canvassing in Rochester sum up Emily Thornberry. An arrogant, sneering, elitist snob who looks down her nose at everyone.

Sadly the “party of the working class” has been taken over by a bunch of hypocrites.

  • Millionaire property gatherer Emily Thornberry who seems to look down her nose at everyone.
  • Millionaire tax dodger Margaret Hodge who attacks Starbucks while her own family business pays less percentage tax.
  • Millionaire property flipper and expenses dodger Ed Balls.
  • Millionaire and private school goer Harriet Harman

That’s not forgetting the likes of:

  • John “2 Jags and 5 houses” Prescott
  • Tony “oil well that ends well” Blair

It runs through the party. So when Miliband said “their values are different to the Tory’s values” was he just talking about  their property portfolios?

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webguypaul@yahoo.com – Spammer and Scammer?

webguypaul@yahoo.com – or Paul Webguy as he likes to call himself – a quick search of Google shows up he sends out quite a bit of spam and has been for sometime.

His email says:

Hi! I was checking out your website — you have an awesome website! However, I see you’re not ranking well on Google, which means customers can’t find you! I can fix this for you by getting you better rankings and a ton more traffic to your website — fast! If you’re interested, please let me know. Paul

Well actually he’s talking complete rubbish and using the usual spammer tactic to try and scare you into using them, that you aren’t ranking well on Google.

Odd really as if you search “Keep Labour Out” the only thing beating this website is its Twitter account. Try “Get Labour Out” and it comes top. So, not got our facts right there have we Paul Webguy.

Next let’s try “ProWebInternetsolutions” who spammed us recently. It appears this site is 4th, so maybe Paul isn’t as good as he makes out.

We did respond to Paul saying (politely) we didn’t require his services but got some abuse back. It appears he’s not Paul Customer Satisfaction Guy.

Is webguypaul@yahoo.com aka Paul Webguy a scammer? Well as we weren’t stupid enough to hand over any money we can’t say for sure but bear a few things in mind:

  • He uses a Yahoo email account
  • He doesn’t name the company we works for
  • He spams. A lot
  • He’s not very nice when you don’t give him money

If you want to deal with him then feel free – but we won’t be using webguypaul@yahoo.com.

PS: There is a genuine Paul Webguy and Webguy Paul out there and as far as we can tell they are NOT the spammer.

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ProWebInternetsolutions.com – More Spam Dear?

Starving Web Designer – I will work for food” said the unrequested email from “Vince” a “web designer” and “seo expert” at ProWebInternetsolutions.com

It appears “Vince” may be already be eating spam and telling a few porkie pies…

On his website he shows various sites he says he has worked for, however a quick check shows several that are nothing to do with him and what he’s done are his own mock ups.

Worryingly the only way to contact “Vince” is via email. No phone number and no address – so what happens if he stiffs you? Well it cost a few quid to phone as the site owner we found is in Bangladesh.

At the bottom of the email “Vince” assures us that he “has not bought your details” however I’m not sure how he randomly found us then.

In fact, I’m not even sure “Vince” at at ProWebInternetsolutions.com even exists…

ProWebInternetsolutions.com Spam

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Len McCluskey Has Lost The Unite Election

If we are to believe what we are told by the unions and the left, the Tories and Lib Dems do not have a manifesto mandate because more people didn’t vote for them than did.

That being the case, then surely Len McCluskey – recently elected union leader at Unite – should immediately stand down.

Why? Didn’t McCluskey get twice the votes of SWP man Jerry Hicks?

Yes, however McCluskey won on  a 15.2% turnout.

That’s right – only 15% of the Unite members bothered to vote. For a union saying it will take on the government, where is it’s manifesto when 85% didn’t even vote?

For an organisation of over 1.4 million members, less than 145,000 voted for McCluskey with under 80,000 voting for Hicks. And they say they speak for the “ordinary people” of Britain – it looks like they don’t even speak for their “ordinary members”.

Len McCluskey

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Millionaire Bungs? More Labour Lies

Yet again Ed Miliband and Ed Balls have contracted some sort of memory loss, with the period between 1997 and 2010 being purged from their minds.

Today Labour launched their “Bungs for Millionaires” poster campaign, which I am sure David Prescott (son of Lord John “Two Shags” Prescott) will be wetting his pants over  – but more on that later.

Effectively the posters say millionaires are being given a £100k bung by the government. Is that true? Well no… as a millionaire is a “worth” as opposed to an “income”. Two pensioners living in London since the war may be in a house worth £1m but on very little income – they won’t see a £100k bung.

Then there is the hypocrisy of it. Labour had the tax rate at 40% for the majority of their time in office and only put it to 50% before the 2010 election: an election they were fairly sure of losing. The government have only trimmed it by 5% so it is still over the 40% Labour had it at.

I then spotted the following poster which sums up who REALLY gave money to the rich whilst robbing the poor. Yes that’s right, Labour. This excellent image from Graeme Cowie which sums the Labour hypocrites up nicely.

Labour Millionaires

Labour Millionaires

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Are The EU Trying To Force a Run on EU Banks?

Headline from Reuters today: “EU’s Rehn – Big depositors could suffer in future bank bailouts under new law

So if you had a few quid in an EU bank and were told if the bank cocks up you will be liable would you:

  • Leave your money there
  • Move it as quickly as possible

How about it comes out of the European Central Bank? Better still, the pockets of the Euro MPs trying to drive Europe into the ground!

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“Dmitri Chavkerov Tennis” – Spam by Dmitri Chavkerov Tennis

Had a message about “Dmitri Chavkerov Tennis” – looks like spam, maybe even a scam, after receiving the following:

For your inspiration

Dear friend, I know your are hopeless sometimes. For your inspiration I am sharing a story. The story is about a person who was a steet boy but now a regional hero. Go to google and search : ( Dmitri Chavkerov Tennis ). Do not use braket.

If you do search you get to see the following:

Dmitri Chavkerov Tennis

Dmitri Chavkerov Tennis

So what was the point? It looks like to just promote Dmitri Chavkerov (who may know nothing about it) and comes from someone apparently based in Dhaka in Bangladesh.

Read his profile and seems odd that if he’s a successful as he claims, he doesn’t have a half decent website and instead has a lot of free blogs all saying how successful he is.

As for “Dmitri Chavkerov Tennis”? Don’t bother!

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