Our Manifesto

Some ideas that we’d love to see in the manifestos and policies:

For Families – Parenting Classes

We don’t expect people to be able to get into a car and drive so why should we expect people to be able to just look after kids?

Tony Blair didn’t help by saying bad parents should be made to go to parenting classes. In my opinion ALL parents should be offered them.

Why? Because in my opinion there is no such thing as a bad child – only bad parenting (okay, like in English grammar there may be exceptions). But to be fair to parents, they are not taught the skills to become good parents.

Let’s teach them and maybe we’ll end up with even better kids than we have now.

Voting Slips – None of the Above

Rather than spoil the ballot paper how about a box you can tick to say you don’t like any of the candidates put forward? This would then stop people using the “they’re all rubbish” excuse for not voting.

If the “None of the Above” candidate won then they should be forced to either hold a second election or to share office. This would hopefully be an incentive to give us candidates worth voting for.

Elections – Make Them At Set Periods

I think elections should be for fixed terms and not be allowed to be called early because the party in power at the time feels it’s having a good month. In my opinion it harms the economy and makes a 4 week campaign into 6 months.

They should be every 4 years and on a set date (first Thursday in May for example). This way we would all know when they were going to be.

Elections – Make Them Like Exams

If we knew when the elections were going to be then we could set a date for all the parties to release their manifestos for that election – say 6 weeks before and they all have to be in the same day.

Each of them would then be under scrutiny from the other parties so they would need to cost them out so we could see they had thought about them and not created them from focus groups.

* If you like the idea of fixed term elections, then check out the Fixed Term website (thanks to @spiderplant88 for the tip off)

Elections – Make The Areas Proportional

I think that the people in an area should vote for who should represent them so am in favour of First Past The Post. However I think that each MP should represent a similar number of constituents to make it more representative.

I also think this should be debated about and voted on, not just by MP’s but also by the general public and it should be done early into the life of the next Parliament and not left until the end.

More coming soon…

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  2. […] exactly this with a fellow tweeter @GetLabourOut this afternoon, he pointed me to a blog post he had written. I […]

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