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Time Len McCluskey Looked in the Mirror

If Len McCluskey wants to know the real reason Labour lost in Scotland, maybe he should look in the mirror and not Jim Murphy. McCluskey, who won his election on a 15% turnout, “called on Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy

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Len McCluskey Has Lost The Unite Election

If we are to believe what we are told by the unions and the left, the Tories and Lib Dems do not have a manifesto mandate because more people didn’t vote for them than did. That being the case, then

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Union City Blues

So the TUC think that general strikes are a good idea to “save jobs” and “stop the cuts”. Can I ask how? Let’s say they do get what they want. So public transport is at a standstill, benefits aren’t paid

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Does Something Smell About Brown and Unite?

Does something smell about Gordon Brown having a go at Unite? Yes I know I am cynical about Brown but let’s not forget that Charlie Whelan is involved with both sides – and would you trust Whelan? Brown is facing

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