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What’s Wrong with Labour? Emily Thornberry

What’s wrong with Labour? Emily Thornberry. The Tweet and explanations about a driveway with a white van and 3 English flags while she was canvassing in Rochester sum up Emily Thornberry. An arrogant, sneering, elitist snob who looks down her

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Labour Keep The Blood Red Flag Flying

So Ed Miliband has admitted the Iraq war was a mistake – and a mistake his party took the country into. Yes other politicians from other parties also voted for it, but ultimately it was Labour’s call. The sight of

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Labour – Mismanaging Even Their Own Finances

I’ve just been reading a piece from the Guardian and an interview with John Prescott. In it he says Labour are close to bankruptcy. What is particularly funny is his comment that the new treasurer (a job he’s applied for)

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Blair’s “Blood Money” Book – Don’t Buy, Donate

I’ve just heard that Tony Blair is donating all monies from his new book “A Journey” to the British Legion. “How magnanimous” I’ve read a couple of jounos write. Yes £4.6m is a lot of money…to normal people. Call me

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Tony Blair – What The Book Should’ve Been

Many of you may have already seen the previous version of this in the bookshop – however I felt it needed re-doing based on my earlier post about the cover up surrounding Dr David Kelly’s death. I’ve started doing some

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Tony Blair Should Be Investigated Over Dr Kelly’s Death

A bit of a bold statement but one I firmly believe in – and it appears there are quite a few people that think likewise. Daily Mail Report There are many allegations of cover ups – mainly stemming from unanswered

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