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Time Len McCluskey Looked in the Mirror

If Len McCluskey wants to know the real reason Labour lost in Scotland, maybe he should look in the mirror and not Jim Murphy. McCluskey, who won his election on a 15% turnout, “called on Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy

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Chris Leslie Caught Out Yet Again

Chris Leslie has been at it again and yet again pulled up over exaggerations and generally making stuff up. This time however, it seems he was just copying his boss, Ed Miliband. The IFS reported that the Tory plans are

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Labour’s Shabana Mahmood – Making It Up As It Goes Along

Labour have again been caught out making up figures and using their “talking over tactics” on BBC Daily Politics. On Thursday 8th April Shabana Mahmood was interviewed by Andrew Neil and appears to be making figures up. Quoted saving “hundreds of

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What’s Wrong with Labour? Emily Thornberry

What’s wrong with Labour? Emily Thornberry. The Tweet and explanations about a driveway with a white van and 3 English flags while she was canvassing in Rochester sum up Emily Thornberry. An arrogant, sneering, elitist snob who looks down her

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Millionaire Bungs? More Labour Lies

Yet again Ed Miliband and Ed Balls have contracted some sort of memory loss, with the period between 1997 and 2010 being purged from their minds. Today Labour launched their “Bungs for Millionaires” poster campaign, which I am sure David

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Ed Miliband – The Hypocrisy Continues

Ed Miliband appears to be on the up with the recent attacks on the government over RBS and the bonus culture…at least if you believe Ed Miliband and his followers. What Ed appears to be forgetting is who was running the country

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Labour – The Real Nasty Party?

It’s been a bit of an odd 24 hours watching Labour – first we had Blairite Luke Bozier jump ship and go over to the Conservatives, and then we had Tom Harris pushed overboard over a Hitler video neme “Download”. It’s

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