May Day! May Day!

So the election is over (for a few months at least) and the Tories scraped by after throwing away a 25 point lead.

There were times during the campaign I did wonder if Theresa May & the Tories wanted Labour to win and form a “Coalition of Chaos” on the hope they would screw up Brexit and it wouldn’t happen.

So…where did it all go wrong?

The Manifesto

A party manifesto is supposed to be something to aspire to and give people hope. The Conservative Manifesto was an election suicide note and whoever put it together should be sacked or at the very least never allowed near one again.

Which idiot thought it would be a good idea to put fox hunting back on the agenda? I guess the same idiot that thought it would be a good idea to tell the party’s largest voter base they were going to have their inheritance for their family taken away from them.

Theresa May

Hey Theresa, here’s an idea. We’ll run a campaign focusing on you but we won’t let people see you or interview you or ask you questions. How can it fail?

Well it did. Big time! If they were trying to paint May as Thatcher II then it was never going to work. Love her or loath her, Thatcher would at least defend her policies and appear in public. May came over as a robot and avoiding Joe Public whereas Corbyn came across better and better as the election went on.

According to The Independent “Theresa May loses almost all the seats she visited on her nationwide campaign.

It also appears May listened to pretty much just two people – neither of whom had any relevant experience.

The Slogan

Weak and Wobbly…sorry, Strong and Stable. It got very stupid very quickly with people playing “Strong and Stable” bingo when ever a Tory minister appeared on TV.

Jeremy Corbyn

They under estimated Corbyn – vastly under estimated him. He sold it as not him but the Labour Party and he fired up his support base, especially the under 25s.

The next few months are going to be very very interesting…

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