ISIS Soldiers? You Mean Daesh Douchebags

A priest was murdered today (Tuesday 26th July) while conducting a service in Rouen in northern France.

He was an 84 year old man in a church with no weapons. So why did the BBC call them (albeit in quote marks) soldiers?

Blog - BBC ISIS Soldiers

They were not soldiers – they were cowards. Soldiers face other soldiers not unarmed 84 year old pensioners.

Would the BBC report them as such if one of their own was killed? Unlikely. So why give them the kudos this time?

One of the suspects, 18 year old Adel K, is reported to have been in custody and then placed under a control order, and had tried to enter Syria twice. Surely it’s time now to do two things:

  1. Let these cowardly murderous thugs go to Syria
  2. Refuse to let them back in again

Let them see what life is really like out there and how their Daesh Douchebag “heroes” are really murderous scum. Chances are they won’t be coming back based on reports of Daesh killing their own once they have outlived their use.

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