Time Len McCluskey Looked in the Mirror

If Len McCluskey wants to know the real reason Labour lost in Scotland, maybe he should look in the mirror and not Jim Murphy.

McCluskey, who won his election on a 15% turnout, “called on Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy to resign for “making certain” the Conservatives won the general election.

Maybe McCluskey is suffering from some memory issues as it was he and his Unite union that picked Ed Miliband to lead Labour – and ultimately the man responsible for the worst defeat in years for the party. And with that pathetically low win, maybe numbers are not his forte either as even if Labour had taken every seat in Scotland they would still have lost to the Tories.

Maybe there is another reason for McCluskey calling for Murphy’s resignation. It deflects the poor decision he and his fat cat union friends made in selecting a man who along with Ed Balls (another union favourite) helped made Labour unelectable.

Len McCluskey: the best things to happen to the Tories in decades.

Len McCluskey

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