webguypaul@yahoo.com – Spammer and Scammer?

webguypaul@yahoo.com – or Paul Webguy as he likes to call himself – a quick search of Google shows up he sends out quite a bit of spam and has been for sometime.

His email says:

Hi! I was checking out your website — you have an awesome website! However, I see you’re not ranking well on Google, which means customers can’t find you! I can fix this for you by getting you better rankings and a ton more traffic to your website — fast! If you’re interested, please let me know. Paul

Well actually he’s talking complete rubbish and using the usual spammer tactic to try and scare you into using them, that you aren’t ranking well on Google.

Odd really as if you search “Keep Labour Out” the only thing beating this website is its Twitter account. Try “Get Labour Out” and it comes top. So, not got our facts right there have we Paul Webguy.

Next let’s try “ProWebInternetsolutions” who spammed us recently. It appears this site is 4th, so maybe Paul isn’t as good as he makes out.

We did respond to Paul saying (politely) we didn’t require his services but got some abuse back. It appears he’s not Paul Customer Satisfaction Guy.

Is webguypaul@yahoo.com aka Paul Webguy a scammer? Well as we weren’t stupid enough to hand over any money we can’t say for sure but bear a few things in mind:

  • He uses a Yahoo email account
  • He doesn’t name the company we works for
  • He spams. A lot
  • He’s not very nice when you don’t give him money

If you want to deal with him then feel free – but we won’t be using webguypaul@yahoo.com.

PS: There is a genuine Paul Webguy and Webguy Paul out there and as far as we can tell they are NOT the spammer.

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