Len McCluskey Has Lost The Unite Election

If we are to believe what we are told by the unions and the left, the Tories and Lib Dems do not have a manifesto mandate because more people didn’t vote for them than did.

That being the case, then surely Len McCluskey – recently elected union leader at Unite – should immediately stand down.

Why? Didn’t McCluskey get twice the votes of SWP man Jerry Hicks?

Yes, however McCluskey won on  a 15.2% turnout.

That’s right – only 15% of the Unite members bothered to vote. For a union saying it will take on the government, where is it’s manifesto when 85% didn’t even vote?

For an organisation of over 1.4 million members, less than 145,000 voted for McCluskey with under 80,000 voting for Hicks. And they say they speak for the “ordinary people” of Britain – it looks like they don’t even speak for their “ordinary members”.

Len McCluskey

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3 comments on “Len McCluskey Has Lost The Unite Election
  1. nwlondonyids says:

    Bout time union bosses had a wage cap! Talk about capitalists!! Surely they should be working for the people,and live amongst them,instead of the inflated wage they are on take bob crow? I think its soley a power thing with him now! We live in a labour driven minimum waged,time,coz we are open to the cheaper influxes of the east! So why can’t they cut their cloth acordingly!

  2. Think you confusing manifesto with mandate??

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