Millionaire Bungs? More Labour Lies

Yet again Ed Miliband and Ed Balls have contracted some sort of memory loss, with the period between 1997 and 2010 being purged from their minds.

Today Labour launched their “Bungs for Millionaires” poster campaign, which I am sure David Prescott (son of Lord John “Two Shags” Prescott) will be wetting his pants over  – but more on that later.

Effectively the posters say millionaires are being given a £100k bung by the government. Is that true? Well no… as a millionaire is a “worth” as opposed to an “income”. Two pensioners living in London since the war may be in a house worth £1m but on very little income – they won’t see a £100k bung.

Then there is the hypocrisy of it. Labour had the tax rate at 40% for the majority of their time in office and only put it to 50% before the 2010 election: an election they were fairly sure of losing. The government have only trimmed it by 5% so it is still over the 40% Labour had it at.

I then spotted the following poster which sums up who REALLY gave money to the rich whilst robbing the poor. Yes that’s right, Labour. This excellent image from Graeme Cowie which sums the Labour hypocrites up nicely.

Labour Millionaires

Labour Millionaires

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