“Dmitri Chavkerov Tennis” – Spam by Dmitri Chavkerov Tennis

Had a message about “Dmitri Chavkerov Tennis” – looks like spam, maybe even a scam, after receiving the following:

For your inspiration

Dear friend, I know your are hopeless sometimes. For your inspiration I am sharing a story. The story is about a person who was a steet boy but now a regional hero. Go to google and search : ( Dmitri Chavkerov Tennis ). Do not use braket.

If you do search you get to see the following:

Dmitri Chavkerov Tennis

Dmitri Chavkerov Tennis

So what was the point? It looks like to just promote Dmitri Chavkerov (who may know nothing about it) and comes from someone apparently based in Dhaka in Bangladesh.

Read his profile and seems odd that if he’s a successful as he claims, he doesn’t have a half decent website and instead has a lot of free blogs all saying how successful he is.

As for “Dmitri Chavkerov Tennis”? Don’t bother!

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