Labour – The Real Nasty Party?

It’s been a bit of an odd 24 hours watching Labour – first we had Blairite Luke Bozier jump ship and go over to the Conservatives, and then we had Tom Harris pushed overboard over a Hitler video neme “Download”.

It’s also been – dare I say it – a bit concerning.

Luke BozierFirstly there was the reactions to Luke’s leaving. He felt the party he joined had changed – his politics had stayed the same but the party he was with had taken a different course, and not one he was comfortable with. So, instead of sticking with a party he felt were not doing what he felt were in the country’s best interests – he left and joined one he thought were.

Cue vitriol and bile from Labour activists and the Left.

Luke managed to appear as a trending topic on Twitter twice – once when the new broke and once the next morning. Instead of saying “okay fair enough, you don’t share our view anymore, thanks and goodbye” there were many from Labour activists attacking him and many saying they’d never heard of him. If that was the case, why the abuse…and why all the posts?

Luke Bozier announces he’s joining the Tories? Who does he think he is? Other than a complete tosser.

Tony Blair was the vanguard infection of Labour’s Yuppie Entryist Tendency. Luke Bozier’s the excrement pouring out of The Blairite corpse.

There was also Kevin Maguire – he of the Mirror – who said:

Never heard of this Luke Bozier, swapping Lab for Cons. Nor had 3 hacks I asked. Love how political parties hype recruits

Frankly I’d suggest either Maguire is being economical with the truth or – as best mates with Ed Balls – he really needs to be doing his research more.

There is almost a football team mentality with many Labour activists and the Left – but the extremist type and not the friendly local rivalry type. And whilst I’m sure there’ll be accusations of bias, I don’t see it so much from the Tory side – the so called Nasty Party.

Tom HarrisNext, Tom Harris is sacked / leaves / is asked to leave as Labour’s Social Media person in Scotland. Why? Because he posted a Hitler “Download” video about SNP members. To be honest, I thought it was funny – maybe the SNP don’t have a sense of humour? I’ve seen a lot worse aimed at Gordon Brown.

The concerning thing with this is that Diane Abbott and Paul Flynn were not handled in the same way for what I feel were worse issues.

Then there is the outcry and calls for sacking from Labour over Aiden Burley dressing up in a Nazi uniform whilst nothing is even said about Ed Balls.

Double standards in Labour? Hypocrisy? Abuse at former members? Maybe Labour are the new Nasty Party…

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