The Two Faces of Ed Balls

Ed BallsSo, after 20 months of opposing the government, Ed Balls has said he agrees with the work they have done…

…by telling the public sector unions that he endorses George Osborne’s public sector pay freeze until the end of the parliament, and that he accepts every spending cut being imposed by the Conservatives

The Guardian – Friday 13th January 2012

Ed is trying to tell us that Labour have economic credibility by doing this. Really? Are you sure it’s not just because he’s seen the latest polls saying the public are more in tune with the government than Labour?

How can we believe (and trust) a man that snipes at people he has worked with yet does nothing whilst working with them?

And now he wants us to believe him? Sorry Ed, not from here we don’t.

The real worry thing is, what if Balls had the CoE job? What then? Would we now be worse than Greece? Our credit rating at ZZZ status? Bankrupt?

Maybe not, but it says something about his judgement for the country when he now effectively says he had it wrong for the last 20 months. What’s also concerning is that it was partly down to Ed Balls and Gordon Brown that we are in the financial mess we are in.

  • Pensions? Yes they depleted them
  • Gold? Yes they sold it too cheap
  • Bank Regulation? Yes, they had too little touch

The biggest issue to me was their spending. Yes they did put more money into schools and the NHS, but was it wisely spent?

Let’s say you inherit a house and it needs a bit of work doing to it. Do you:

  1. Cost everything out and make sure you can afford it and then get quotes from builders with good reputations to do the work and insist on checking the work before they get paid
  2. Grab the first builder that knocks on your door and pay him whatever he asks for

The end result if the building looks nice but with Ed Balls and Gordon Brown running the project we are severely behind on our mortgage and having to cut back on decorating the kids’ rooms.

If that’s what they did to your house, would you risk letting them back in?

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