Ed Miliband Should Get Some Balls

As Ed Miliband accuses David Cameron of being a bit cosy with News International, he appears to be very quiet about Ed Balls being even cosier with Mirror Group.

Ed Balls appears to have been spotted with Mirror hack Kevin MacGuire. This is even more amusing as Balls has also accused Cameron and Osborne of being distracted by the phone hacking crisis. Obviously Ed Balls hasn’t been speaking to Ed Miliband who seems to be thinking of nothing BUT the phone hacking.

On honour of this “left hand doesn’t speak to the far left hand” we’ve brought out some more t-shirts. Well we would wouldn’t we 😉

Posted in #Hackgate, Ed Balls, Ed Miliband
One comment on “Ed Miliband Should Get Some Balls
  1. […] I’d suggest either Maguire is being economical with the truth or – as best mates with Ed Balls – he really needs to be doing his research […]

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