Hibernation Over – Time To Get Stuck In

I can’t believe it’s been November since I last blogged although people keep visiting the site so a big thanks for that!

Being the optimistic sort (really, I am) I was hoping things would get better over Christmas for the UK as a whole. Well, it has and it hasn’t with trade being 0.6% down but manufacturing up. Swings and roundabouts I guess.

There was the expected from Ed Balls – laughing at the coalition for blaming the bad weather whilst his memory afflication made him forget how Labour did the same about 12 months before. And you wonder why I have no respect for the ****.

Therein lies the problem. Balls and co are making out that they wouldn’t do anything like the coalition yet they won’t detail what they will do.

There is also the problem of what do you cut? If Labour won’t cut education, or health or defence where will they cut? Arts? No, as they are defending that as well now. But they won’t tell us what they will cut.

The Police say there should be cuts…but not from policing. Doctors say there should be cuts…but not from health. Army chiefs say there should be cuts…but not from defence. It appears the only people wanting cuts across the board are hairdressers!!

Okay so I know this won’t happen, but wouldn’t it be good if the 3 main parties got their top 2 guys each and they all sat down and sorted out a policy? One that benefited as many people as possible?

Whatever happens nobody will be 100% happy but we need a) an overview of the economy now; b) what may happen if we allow things to carry on; c) what is the way forward.

Maybe we should all come up with ideas ourselves… 😉

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