Unions Together Survey – They Won’t Like It

Just been asked by Helen Symons to complete the Unions Together Survey. Not sure they’ll like my answers for my ideas for campaigns though:

  1. Stop with the ConDem bit. To be honest it looks pretty pathetic from the outside.
  2. Start negotiating instead of threatening. You just look like dinosaurs trying to throw your weight around.
  3. Get your leaders to take pay cuts. How can you campaign against “fat cats” when your leaders are part of the Fat Cat brigade?
  4. Tell us where you all were when Labour were in power? Both the Unions AND Labour failed the UK and have never apologised.
  5. Grow up!! Your party overspent for years – the banks made it worse but your government made it worse and even praised them.
  6. Think a business is being shut down for no reason? Take it over. You want union power then PROVE it. Put your money where your mouths are.

As you may have guessed I’m not a huge fan of the Unions. I am of the idea but I just feel the leadership of most are pretty much like the people they bemoan – over paid no real use to the UK.

Helen, if you and your £100k plus bosses want to show us you are on “our side” how about negotiating getting the workers to take over businesses that you say are viable and being shut down for no reason? You have the funds.

Or are you all in this for political dogma and having a sulk because your party – the one that ran up the debts over 10+ years – are no longer in power.

More to follow on this one…

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