Child Benefit – The Coalition Have Got It Wrong

There are always going to be winners and losers when a cut is made – in this case it’s more losers and non-losers with the break being at a main wage earner of £44k.

Now, this is okay if you have two earners at £43k but not if you have one at £45k – this is where I think the coalition have got it wrong. They should be able to find a way of doing it on a per household basis as this sort of issue was bound to arise.

Surely a way can be found to pay Child Benefit by household income rather than a single income? Surely that would be a fair way?

I do think they are right to set some sort of limit to benefits though – and I find it rather amusing that so called “progressives” are saying it should be paid to everyone. If that’s the case let’s just tax everyone at 20% eh?

To me the whole system needs a shake up and I think the Winter Fuel Allowance should be looked at. Should we be paying it to people that can afford to spend 6 months in Spain? Or to millionaires?

In this day and age and with all the assets at the governments disposal, why can a universal benefits system be created? They’ve managed to condense 33 Acts in to a single Equality Act so why not look at doing the same with benefits?

Update: It appears Caron had the same thought! The same thought but better put 🙂

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3 comments on “Child Benefit – The Coalition Have Got It Wrong
  1. caronlindsay says:

    I’ve been banging on about Winter Fuel Allowance for months. My husband will get it next year and we absolutely don’t need it.

    I am quite cross at Cameron’s comments this morning which seem to hint that he’s going to keep WFA universal. Utterly daft in my opinion.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Get Labour Out, Get Labour Out. Get Labour Out said: @caronmlindsay Completely agree – and snap!! 🙂 […]

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