BrownGordon’s Not Happy With RedEd

The Daily Mail has reported Gordon Brown is not happy with Ed Miliband (see article here). Here’s my response to Gordon.

Dear Gordon

You appear to think that your “legacy” should be of a great PM and Chancellor. Well I’m afraid you are wrong on both.

Tony told us you were a great Chancellor but then he had to didn’t he, although now you are all well away from the nation’s bank account the truth seems to be starting to come out.

Gordon, sorry but you were a failure. A failure as a PM and a failure as a chancellor.

It wasn’t the banks that caused the problem, they only heightened them. It was your years and years of throwing money – our money – at things that caused the problems.

If I have a leaking tap I find a quality plumber and get a reasonable price for the work. I don’t just phone the first person I find and throw money at them. This appear to be how you ran the economy.

Or should I say how it ran you.

Now please, go away and finish your book on how it was everyone else’s fault.

Best regards
Get Labour Out

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3 comments on “BrownGordon’s Not Happy With RedEd
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  2. pmt008 says:

    I wonder, if Ed Miliband continues to say this sort of “inflamatory” stuff, if it will make Gordon actually bother to turn up to Westminster properly!

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