Labour Lies – They’re At It Again

The hot air at Manchester had barely cooled when once again we had an example of why it was right to dump Labour at the election.

In an interview with Andrew Neil, Hazel Blears denied saying she had said some of the things the Labour party had done had been “wicked and malicious”. She denied this and said that she must have been referring to the Tories cuts (video at 0:25).

The video then shows (starting at 1:28) that she did say it. She also said that “nobody knows what Ed Miliband stands for”.

Added to this we had the spectacle of Harriet Harman being berated by David Miliband over her clapping Ed Miliband over his speech about the Iraqi war – effectively seeming to show she was happy to support the war but now be disassociated with it. So much for being a “principled politician” eh Harriet?

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