Labour Keep The Blood Red Flag Flying

So Ed Miliband has admitted the Iraq war was a mistake – and a mistake his party took the country into. Yes other politicians from other parties also voted for it, but ultimately it was Labour’s call.

The sight of Harriet Harman being berated by David Miliband for clapping Ed Miliband’s speech where he said it was a mistake and her response to me showed that maybe Labour have lost a principled front bencher in Miliband – and kept one happy to go along with anything that the leader says in Harriet Harman.

In view of this I thought maybe Labour should have a new anthem for their “new generation” – The Blood Red Flag.

The Labour flag is deepest red,
The colour of blood, Iraqis and our soldiers dead,
Having to buy equipment, privately sold,
For Tony’s war killed young and old.

Then raise the scarlet standard high
Within its shade we’ll lie and lie,
Through David Miliband’s flinch and Ed Balls sneer,
We’ll keep the red flag flying here.

Can’t see it being used at #Lab11 though…

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