And The New Labour Leader Is…

David / Ed Miliband!

Yes David/ Ed Miliband won the Labour Leadership election later today* and was announced as new leader in front of a packed Manchester audience.

David / Ed Miliband then made a great speech about how they would now lead the party to victory in 2015 or sooner if they could bring the coalition down before then. A member of the audience who questioned this saying “it would look like we were against democracy doing that” was ejected before Ed Balls “had a quiet word” with him.

The man is now recovering in Manchester General.

David / Ed Miliband also said that Labour would fight the coalition on all the cuts that were down to the horrible bankers and nothing to do with the years of overspending by Labour. At this point, Lord Prescott apparently awoke from his slumber, muttered something about RBS and people being paid to do nothing then went promptly back to sleep.

Labour Bingo players might be interested in the stats for the speech, which were as follows:

  • Progressive used 142 times
  • Let Me Be Clear used 18 times
  • Banking Crisis used 12 times
  • Nothing To Do With Overspending also used 12 times
  • It Started With Thatcher oddly was also used 12 times

On Twitter, @BevanitteEllie said she wanted David / Ed Miliband to win all along but her spell checker kept amending David / Ed Miliband to Ed Balls. This has now be rectified apparently.

NB: Due to the high count of the “P” word in the speech, the use has been rationed to 20 times a day for fear of it being made extinct with such high usage.

* posted at midday on 25th September 2010.

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3 comments on “And The New Labour Leader Is…
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  2. pmt008 says:

    It’s David Miliband, body language of Ed Miliband makes it clear.

  3. pmt008 says:

    Well! Both are clearly good actors as I read that completely wrong!

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