Ken Livingstone – My Prediction

Ken Livingstone has beaten Oona King in the race to be the next London Mayor so the next vote will be by the public and against Boris Johnson.

Personally I think it will be a close run thing and at the moment I think Boris will scrape through. I will however make the following prediction.

If Ken wins, Labour will announce that it’s an anti-coalition vote and that Labour are the party of the people. If Ken loses, Labour will say it’s nothing to do with them and was all down to Ken.

Ed Balls will blame “Ashcroft’s millions”.

You read it here first!

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3 comments on “Ken Livingstone – My Prediction
  1. pmt008 says:

    I wonder what Ken will say if he loses. My guess is that the vote will define whether he retires in 2012 or in 2016 as I really don’t see him lasting into another possible term after that.

  2. pmt008 says:

    That I would actually like, as when he was on This Week and when he has been at events talking about the way forward for Labour he has made some very astute comment and observations.
    However, with his passing it would mean that Labour would no longer have anyone who is a true conviction politician. This is good for their electability (in as much as it would mean no more massive swings to the left for a while) but bad for true representation of political beliefs, which is a sad thing.
    Don’t get me wrong, I want Boris to win. But I have a huge amount of respect fro Ken because he is who he is and doesn’t try to change just to win votes.

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