The Chris Moyles Breakfast Rant

It appears that Chris Moyles hasn’t been paid by the BBC for the last two months and spent 25 minutes ranting about it on his show this morning:

Guardian Audio Snippet Link

Chris Moyles is a real Marmite person – people either love him or loathe him so there have been the expected “he gets paid too much” comments but he is doing a job and he should get paid for it.

You may not like him and you may think he’s overpaid, but he is entitled to get paid…as are all of us. There are many people I think are grossly overpaid (hello Bob Crow) but at the end of the day he has a contract and should be paid. In fact I’d love to hear Bob Crow’s view on Moyles not being paid for 2 months…could be interesting!

How would you feel if you employer “forgot” to pay you for two months and you were getting nowhere? If you had access to the audience that Moyles has, wouldn’t you feel like having a rant about it?

Whilst I think 25 minutes was over the top I do think he has a point – and how many small businesses and self employed people out there have not been paid on time by big companies  due to “an admin error”?

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