Union City Blues

£100k+ Bob Crow Campaigning Against Fat Cats

So the TUC think that general strikes are a good idea to “save jobs” and “stop the cuts”. Can I ask how?

Let’s say they do get what they want. So public transport is at a standstill, benefits aren’t paid etc. Who really suffers?

Bob Crow on his £100k a year salary? No.Any of the other union leaders on very nice thank you salaries?

The people who will suffer will be the people they purport to help.

It was also be great news for small businesses with days lost due to staff unable to get in, invoices not being paid. So maybe a few more will go under. And that will help jobs how?

If the TUC want to play politics then maybe a few of them should stand as MP’s, but unlike Harriet Harman’s husband Jack Dromney (who managed to bypass the normal all woman selection listing – nothing to do with Harriet of course), how about they go for a non-safe seat…and prove to the rest of us that they can hack it.

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Dear TUC – why not cost out your plans and put them to the public and the government? A good way to get everyone behind you and maybe, just maybe, get the cuts reduced? Or go on strike and show us it’s just political posturing?

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One comment on “Union City Blues
  1. akvavitix says:

    100K pay you say?

    His entire pay package with bonuses and pensions was £133,183; on top of this he claimed £9,989 in expenses and £2,376 in travel costs, taking his total income to £145,548


    Bob Crowe = Utter shit

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