Phone Hacking – Anyone Asking About Security?

It now appears that the possible future Labour Party Treasurer – a Mr John Prescott – may have been telling porkies over his phone being hacked.

A post on Guido’s site (Piggies Catch Prezza Porkies) says that the Police have flatly denied Prescott is on the list. Whoops!!

Whilst I don’t condone the phone hacking, for some time now I’ve been wondering why the issue of security has not been addressed as it appears the phones weren’t hacked, rather the people didn’t change their default PIN code for their voicemail.

Now whilst Joe Bloggs can be forgiven for not doing it (although I think it says you should change it when you set up your voicemail), why were senior government ministers not advisedto or of their own back check and change them?

It’s okay for Prescott to blame others – it’s his standard MO after all – but when is the buffoon going to take some responsibility for his own actions. And realise if he had been hacked, he was lucky it was the News of the World and not a terrorist.

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