Labour – Looking After Number 1 (Themselves)

I had an email from Ken Livingston earlier about why he is backing Ed Balls for Labour Leader. The interesting point I found in it was this line:

He’s Labour through and through and is committed to strengthening the trade union link. And he’s shown over the last few months that he is the candidate best placed to shorten the life of this Tory-Lib Dem government.

So the main reasons – the first he highlights – are a tie in with the unions and to get rid of the current government.

Not because Ed Balls is the best person to lead the country; not because he has a plan with figures that he’s announced that will strengthen the UK’s economy; but because the unions like him and he’ll get rid of the government.

Add to this Ed Miliband calling for the extinction of the Lib Dems and you can see why I feel Labour haven’t changed at all. They are the same champagne swigging socialists who are only after getting themselves back into power – whether it’s good for the rest of us or not.

If this is what we can expect from Labour, I am beginning to wonder if their bankruptcy would be a good thing for the country.

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