– More Junk and More Spam – I wonder if AmazonInTheRestOfTheWorld know about you?

Looks like the Chinese spammers are at it again! After a spate of “buy electrical stuff from us even though we spam you 10 times a day” I thought they’d all learnt their lesson but it seems have jumped on the spammy bandwagon.

So as they invited me to have a look I thought I would…

Yes the prices seem very cheap. In fact almost too cheap. There are no indications as to the carriage rate to transport your goods to the UK and a comment that:

“Please note that normally there won’t be custom tax on delivery. But it may happen in some extreme cases, and the custom department in destination country may ask for tax to customer.”

Mmmm not very encouraging…and not sounding so cheap now. In fact, with the quality of the site, the spamming email and that they are using this site on other domain names, I think I’ll give them a miss…

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