What Clegg Says About Labour Is So True

I was having a read of a few blogs this morning and on Guido Fawkes site, Order Order, came across the “Quote of the Day” from Nick Clegg:

“The Labour Party has become consumed by collective bile towards … the Liberal Democrats. That portrays a rather nasty arrogance. They can’t believe that [we] could have done anything but fall into line with them.

I get the impression, listening to the juvenile vitriol of the leadership candidates, that they can’t believe the Liberal Democrats decided to make up their own minds. I just think their leadership contest has been very dull and very dispiriting.

You get the impression that none of them is up to the task of asking what’s happened to them as a party and to Britain. They seem strangely conservative, if I dare say it.”

Nick, I couldn’t have put it better myself! Ever since they lost the chance of governing because they were not prepared to negotiate they, and many of their supporters, have been having “toys out the pram” moments because they dared negotiate with the Tories.

With AV there is apparently more chance of hung parliaments – what chance do we have of Labour EVER governing if they can’t negotiate. If this is their attitude we’ve seen since May, I hope never.

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One comment on “What Clegg Says About Labour Is So True
  1. pmt008 says:

    Sad but true. Politics in the UK is truly up a creek if Labour refuse to learn from and move on from their past mistakes, rather than suggesting we do them all over again.
    That said, it could mean that Labour lose a whole load of seats at the next election and we see a new alignment of the parties, either with Labour taking the Lib-Dem current position or with a more European look to it. So at least there is 1 positive that we can cling to from this idiotic mess they are creating.

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