Labour – Mismanaging Even Their Own Finances

John Prescott

I’ve just been reading a piece from the Guardian and an interview with John Prescott. In it he says Labour are close to bankruptcy.

What is particularly funny is his comment that the new treasurer (a job he’s applied for) should “hold the leadership to account in unnecessarily spending money we don’t have”. Now I’m not sure if he does irony but isn’t that what helped caused the mess we’re in?

So effectively what John has done is tell us that Labour can’t even manage their own finances, let alone the countries.

You can read the original article here where he also takes a swipe at Gordon Brown and Tony Blair over their financial recklessness. Things he failed to mention during the election campaign – so the next time he mentions a Lib Dem or Tory failing to mention anything, please feel free to label him an A* hypocrite.

John Prescott, the former Labour deputy prime minister and deputy party leader – and now Lord Prescott – is standing for the post of party treasurer in this autumn’s NEC elections. (The Guardian)

Oh yes, and he also failed in his job at Transport by his own admission, had an affair with his secretary, lied on TV, accuses the Tories of being toffs from one of his many homes, lectures us on global warming with a poor record himself…yes, just the man to be treasurer!

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One comment on “Labour – Mismanaging Even Their Own Finances
  1. pmt008 says:

    You forgot to mention owning 2 jags and taking stupidly short rides in them to things like the Labour party conference from the hotel just up the road.

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