Blair’s “Blood Money” Book – Don’t Buy, Donate

I’ve just heard that Tony Blair is donating all monies from his new book “A Journey” to the British Legion.

“How magnanimous” I’ve read a couple of jounos write. Yes £4.6m is a lot of money…to normal people. Call me cynical but he’ll top that back up with money he’s being paid by the oil companies that are making from the war he helped start.

The also cynical side of me says he’s doing it to get people to read his opinion and work on his “legacy”. Want my opinion? Donate the money you were going to spend on the book directly to the British Legion.

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5 comments on “Blair’s “Blood Money” Book – Don’t Buy, Donate
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  2. Peter Reynolds says:

    Curmudgeons, ingrates, snide dissemblers retreat! This is a generous move.

    • getlabourout says:

      I disagree – along it would seem with a lot of others.

      In fact I note one of the “supporters” appears to be Lording It John “Hippo-crite” Prescott. Now there’s a man full of trust and honour eh 😉

  3. […] Labour Out, has come up with a rather elegant solution to this conundrum. Instead of buying the book, donate your £12.50 directly to the […]

  4. […] Blair's “Blood Money” Book – Don't Buy, Donate « Get Labour Out […]

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