Labour – The Hypocrisy Continues

Never a party to miss a chance of “do as I say and not as I do”, Tom Watson’s been having a dig at the coalition regards transparency and the FCO not getting back to his request for information.

Isn’t this a bit rich coming from a Labour MP?

  • A party that gave us a record amount of debt is worrying about wine that is probably still there from when they bought it!
  • A party that stopped access to information on Dr David Kelly’s death for 70 years?
  • A party that was even worse at civil liberties than the Conservatives?

But then the words “rich” and “Labour MP” do often seem to go together these days don’t they.

By the way Tom, nice Mac on the desk – did we pay for that? They’re quite expensive compared to a PC aren’t they…

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2 comments on “Labour – The Hypocrisy Continues
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  2. pmt008 says:

    He’s also the same Tom Watson who couldn’t stop himself from calling Gove names in the House. He is quite a good Twitter follow but my opinion of the man is very low after that. This just makes me put my face in my hands and sigh.

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