Tony Blair Should Be Investigated Over Dr Kelly’s Death

A bit of a bold statement but one I firmly believe in – and it appears there are quite a few people that think likewise.

Daily Mail Report

There are many allegations of cover ups – mainly stemming from unanswered questions and Tony Blair appearing to be using his friends in high places to help him out.

I’ll admit now I am not Blair’s biggest fan but this is one of the reasons – I think the whole episode with Dr David Kelly stinks and having a 70 year embargo put on the data makes it appear even more like Blair’s nether regions are being protected.

What we need is a cross party group of MP’s to stand up and demand the case be re-opened and the unanswered questions finally be answered. We need Geoff Hoon to tell us what he was allegedly going to say that “could trigger the instant downfall of the Prime Minister”

We need answers and we need the truth. We need to tell our MP’s that not only can we handle the truth, we demand it.

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6 comments on “Tony Blair Should Be Investigated Over Dr Kelly’s Death
  1. You should speak to Norman Baker, MP for Lewes, as he wrote ‘The strange death of Dr. Kelly’ about it. He comes to the same conclusions as yourself. Well, now he’s in the cabinet I doubt he’ll do anything but it should be looked in to.

    I can’t believe we’ve let this one slide. I guess we all care a lot more about Tony Blair’s “legacy” …

    • getlabourout says:

      Thanks – he’s one for my list!

      I think with Labour in government nothing was ever going to get done. After all he’s “one of their own” and I fully suspect the other parties would be the same if the situation was reversed.

      I just hope now that things can be different and something will get done.

  2. pmt008 says:

    Agreed, Blair should be tried. But then so should the rest of the cabinet. Unlike the US, where the President is fully responsible, we have a wider body of people in charge and we’d have to have all who are responsible dealt with if any of it is to stick.
    Sadly, I don’t think that this would ever happen, as it’s too messy to do so. Still, we can live in hope!

    • getlabourout says:

      You make a great point there. Funny how we keep being told that in the UK we elect a government not a leader, yet when it all goes wrong it’s one person that usually takes the blames.

      Odd eh ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. This kind of virulent personalised tripe is just ONE of the reasons Labour will be out of office for years, possibly indefinitely unless the present crowd implodes.

    The idea that Tony Blair would order or even turn a blind eye to the murder of someone in Kelly’s position is so outlandish as to be almost criminal in the suggestion. But this is Britain 2010. The press rules, OK?

    And this report, remember, comes from The Mail. The Mail always hated Blair because he wasn’t one of them – a Tory – and because he was THE WINNER. They couldn’t beat him at the polls, and in my opinion still wouldn’t have beaten him in May if you lost had had your heads screwed on.

    Leave Mr Blair to get on with the great works he is doing worldwide. We should ALL be proud of him, whether we voted Labour or not, and I didn’t. I would NOW, if…

    Btw, Norman Baker is a conspiracy theorist. Come to think of it, I wonder how come he’s still breathing? Hmmm?

    • getlabourout says:

      I really think you ought to re-read your own post before you accuse others of “virulent personalised tripe”.

      Blair and others left a lot of unanswered questions – and why the 70 year embargo on the case? Anything to hide? I picked the Daily Mail because it does cover quite a bit of the case and yes maybe they don’t like him but them I am likely to get as fair a point of view from them as I am a polar view from “Keep Tony Blair for PM” aren’t I?

      As regards his “great works” I disagree – he’s making money from a war he helped start and in my opinion should also be brought in front of a court for along with George Bush…but that’s another post ๐Ÿ˜‰

      The reason he was “THE WINNER” was because at the time there was no effective opposition and as for May 2010 we’ll never know. If you want to talk conspiracy theories, his timing at jumping ship just before the downturn happened…mmmm

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