Intelligent Elite – Spamming Is Neither Intelligent Nor Elite

If you read my earlier post on Intelligent Elite you’ll know I’m not happy with the sneaky way they spam your friends and followers.

When you complete an Intelligent Elite test they give you an option at the top of the page to clear all or select all – this is so you can choose whether to message all your friends.

What they don’t mention is at the bottom of the long page is another box that needs to be unticked as well. If you don’t it will message most if not all of your friends and followers.

Okay so maybe I should be really un-trusting and have scrolled down the page. I didn’t and I know better next time.

What you also don’t find out till the end (and yes I know, I should have checked first) is that they are a dating website. Apparently they only accept you if you have an IQ of 125 and above.

I thought that was the average IQ so not very elite? And regards their spamming policy, nor are they very intelligent!

Yet Another Update

It seems Intelligent Elite are even sneakier than I thought. I’ve been altered to the fact they also add @IQElite to your followers. My suggestion? Unfollow them.

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10 comments on “Intelligent Elite – Spamming Is Neither Intelligent Nor Elite
  1. hesspartacus says:

    125 is at the top end of above average (115-129).

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Mike Briercliffe and Get Labour Out, Get Labour Out. Get Labour Out said: New Blog Post: Intelligent Elite again Hopefully my last post on them for a while but they really pi**ed me off […]

  3. kimuta1 says:

    Agree with you seems rather dubious they claim to be social component of Mensa. I would like to have a FB for intelligent people if you know what I mean. It would spare some of the dross you get from social websites. But they are giving it a bad name at a very early stage.

    • getlabourout says:

      Not sure I agree on an Intelligent FB but certainly one free of the dross of Farmville, Mafia Wars etc would get my vote.

      I know some people who are (I think) fairly intelligent but spend most of the day gushing about their latest boyfriend / girlfriend and posting about bl**dy Farmville etc.

      As someone who did okay on their test I can assure you it’s no guarantee that being “intelligent” means you are “smart” lol.

  4. kimuta1 says:

    Well if you were my friend on FB and I deleted you would lose touch would like a group where you can choose and when someone gets on your nerves just delete. No social conventions just choose purely based on interest. Oh well keep on trying….

  5. IQ 125 is certainly not close to the average. 100 is average (for white people, higher and lower for other ethnic groups) its the middle. ie half the population are at or below 100, half are at or above.

    125 otoh is quite a big jump above. At that level only 5% are above you in IQ. I believe that no Nobel Prize winner (real ones, not mickey mouse like the peace prize), who has been measured has scored below @ 135

    So, if you have a genuine IQ 125 and you find yourself in a completely random group of 95 people, its highly likely you will be the smartest one in the room (in IQ terms).

    • prob4fun says:

      Actually, if the probability of you being smarter than another random person is 95%, then in a random group of 95 people (uniformly distributed IQ), the probability of you being the smartest one is below 1%:
      (0.95)^94 ~ 0.8%
      Cheers 🙂

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