Intelligent Elite – A Warning

I had a DM on my Twitter profile earlier from a friend. Okay, I had four. It was about a personality test with a website called Intelligent Elite.

Well I’ve been accused of not having a personality so I thought I’d see if they were right and gave it a try. I felt a bit sceptical when it turned out to be a dating site at the end of it.

Okay so maybe I should have been more aware and checked it first but I didn’t. It won’t happen again!

Anyway, I did the test and made sure I said NO to messaging anyone on my Twitter profile. Unless I am fairly sure the person would like a link I won’t send one.

I then get a message that I’d been sending DM’s out and on checking I had. WTF??? It looks like it send them out not just the once either! To say I am bloody annoyed is an understatement.

I’ve now revoked access to the bl**dy thing and messaged their UK manager a Ms Yang Lin and email a complaint to their complaints department. Will update if they get back to me.


Apparently there is a checkbox at the bottom of the page to DM all followers which is automatically selected. My question back to them is why is there one at the top as well then if it gets ignored.


They have apologised over “making design layout not very usable” and said they will improve it soon. How long does it take to get software to have a box ticked or unticked until they do?

This is a real shame as I liked the idea but it’s the sneaky way the site operates that puts me off. So, Intelligent Elite, I’m all for great marketing ideas and am happy to tell my friends about you, but I want the choice to tell my friends and not have you sneak it to them. A big #FAIL in my book.

Maybe they need to look at their intelligent users and get someone in their marketing department…

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9 comments on “Intelligent Elite – A Warning
  1. hesspartacus says:

    Yeah, but what did you score?

    Tell the truth and shame the Devil.

  2. jruddy says:

    I got caught out as well last night – however check who you are follwing-they now force you to follow them at @IQElite

  3. mikejulietbravo says:

    I agree with everything the author has a said – this was outright #spamscum activity. Bastards, (see how your sentiment tracking reads that you bastards).

    • getlabourout says:

      Thanks Mike.

      The thing is that it appears a good idea that has been spoilt by some idiot thinking sneaking things is a great way to go. If they’d been upfront I had a few people in mind to send a link to – not now.

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