Nothing To Crow About

£100k+ Bob Crow - Against Fat Cats

So is Bob Crow acting for his members or for his own ends – much like the politicians he decries?

A man earning £100k+ a year who talks about “solidarity” and then employs his partner, Nicola Hoarau to set up a credit union for RMT members.

Surprisingly, the panel which interviewed her included a Mr Bob Crow. More surprisingly she was apparently the only applicant.

Is that not the sort of cronyism he would accuse politicians of? Is this another Harriet Harman / Jack Dromney partnership?

It also appears that he was spoken to by stewards during a recent football match between his local team, Dagenham, and Morecombe for being abusive towards Morecombe manager Sammy McIlroy.

Dagenham are also surprisingly sponsored by the RMT. More cronyism from the RMT leader?

A union leader that looks after his members is a good thing but his recent strike calls against the coalition government appear to be more of an anti-Tory throwback to Scargill than a genuine and honest look at how he can help his members.

Personally I think calling for strikes in the public and private sector are not the way to go. A lot of small businesses are running on a knife edge at the moment and losing days through strikes could put them under – losing badly needed jobs in the process.

If Bob Crow is so much for creating jobs then why doesn’t he and his fellow union leaders sit down with the government and look at options?

Or would this be the same union leaders that have threatened to walk out if David Cameron attends the TUC Conference?

So Bob Crow – are you acting for your members or your own political beliefs?

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6 comments on “Nothing To Crow About
  1. angelnstar says:

    Really great post. He can dish it out, but can’t take it back.

    Then again, Boris Johnson is fair enough to say Bob has a point about the bankers.

    • getlabourout says:

      Definitely on the bankers – but what annoys me is that Labour had the chance to tighten up when they were dishing out our money but blew it by yet again, saying loads and doing nothing.
      What our Mr Crow forgets is that for 10+ years Labour ran up the debt – the banking crisis brought it to a head. We didn’t get into this deep **** in just 2 years (but it didn’t help).

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  3. angelnstar says:

    Bob Crow earns £130 p.a! That is more than Kit Malthouse! Lee Jasper was paid £120K, also more than Kit. And they moan about City Hall salaries.

  4. Paul Bright says:

    Bob is acting for us, his members and we willingly pay Bob to do an excellent job.
    This David Dictator Al Qaeda supporting ConDem Cameron is VERY bad news.
    Cameron was NOT elected so it is time for a free and fair UK general election.
    Bob Crow is an excellent union leader and every single RMT member is for Bob.
    We will stop work and we will defend democracy at the same time as we defend
    our hard won pension and pay and travel perks. Working in transport is tough.
    It is too tough under the current ConDem regime, lives are being lost.
    RMT is for you and me, we SAVE LIVES.
    Cameron kills. Simple as that matey.

    • 1) Cameron was elected. Under Parliamentary Democracy rules he was elected. That’s how he’s PM. He may not be who you wanted to win, but he did. I suspect had the Lib Dems formed a coalition with Labour you would have a completely different opinion.

      2) Labour were NOT elected. It doesn’t matter how much you want them to have done, they lost. They had less votes and less percentage of votes than the Tories. They lost. Get over it.

      3) The election was free and fair. This appears to be another socialist / lefty rant because your lot didn’t win. Grow up! They lost – free and fair!

      4) Lives were lost under Labour: Southall (1997), Ladbroke Grove (1999), Hatfield (2000), Selby (2001), Potters Bar (2002), Ufton Nervet (2004), Tebay (2004).

      Since they’ve been in I believe there have been no deaths under Cameron. So basically most of what you’ve said, at best is wrong, and at worst is a pack of lies.

      So based on your response…the RMT is full of sulking liars. Simple as that matey! 😉

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