PayPal – Do They Need Investigating?

I’m going to have a look into it further but I’m hearing not good things about PayPal and their trading policies.

Apparently a friend has recently had his account with them frozen because he breached their “acceptable use policy”. That’s fair enough I said, so what’s the issue? It appears:

  • They are holding his money for 6 months
  • They won’t tell him which part of their AUP he’s breached

Apparently the account has been running for several weeks and it was only when he had some money in the account that they stopped him.

Now, I can go with maybe they saying “sorry but we don’t want you to use us any more” but to hold his money for 6 months is outrageous! Especially as (and I only have his word for it at the moment) they haven’t told him why.

What was also worrying was a very quick look on Google showed this is not a one off case. Now with the amount of clients they have they are never going to make everyone happy, but surely this sort of “blackmail” should be illegal?

If anyone has anything they can add such as their own experiences, places to complain etc I’d love to hear. Maybe I should pass the details on to Esther as she’s no longer being an MP? 🙂


Wow that was quick! Already getting feedback on this and thanks to @colmhowardlloyd for pointing me to – will be looking through that!

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