What Next For The Lib-Con Coalition?

I am ever more hopeful that a deal will be done between the Lib Dems and Conservatives and that we’ll see a fixed 4 year arrangement between the 2 parties. My personal opinion is that this will be good for the country and good for politics.

For what it’s worth, here’s my twopennyworth about what will happen:

  • Tomorrow (Monday) Later today there will be an announcement that there is an agreement in principle to the Lib-Con coalition.
  • Details will be fleshed out and announced later this week on the deal.
  • Gordon Brown will hand over to David Cameron as PM.
  • Billy Bragg will still insist that David Miliband will be PM by the weekend.
  • Sarah Brown will change her Twitter address to @SarahBrown39a.
  • John Prescott will announce there is no mandate for the coalition as only 59% of voters voted for both parties.
  • BevaniteEllie will continue posting #GameON on her Tweets and “I love you David Miliband. See I told you Gordon should have gone.”
  • There will be an emergency budget announced for 50 days time.
  • At the budget the real scale of the debt will come out showing how some careful accounting by Labour hid the figures and how much worse it really is.
  • Alistair Darling will see sense and cross the floor until Labour get their act together and spill the beans on how “The Forces From Hull” (aka Prescott, Whelan and Campbell) threatened him.
  • An inquiry into the scale of how Labour managed to run up the debt Nick Gleeson style will begin.
  • A separate inquiry into how £3 million a year was spent on pies will commence.
  • John Prescott will avoid the Piegate inquiry by moving to a tax haven in Beruit instead of Belize after getting it wrong yet again.
  • Tony Blair will be arrested for war crimes.

I think that’s a fairly accurate idea of what will happen although I couldn’t put dates on. Well I could, but they’d be wrong. Oh, and I made the last one up…unfortunately.

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3 comments on “What Next For The Lib-Con Coalition?
  1. Terry Bubble says:

    All sounds about right to me. Even the last one. 🙂

  2. Bradley says:

    A lot of this shaping up to be true! You ought to start ticking them off as they occur.

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