My Economic Dream Team

I know there are a lot of tribal loyalties floating around but my feeling is that we need to lose them and concentrate on what’s best for the country and not individual parties – as per my blog post on 19th February. Let’s get the UK back on it’s feet before everyone starts fighting again eh?

In fact my economic dream team would be cross party:

  • George Osborne
  • Kenneth Clarke
  • Vince Cable
  • Alistair Darling

Before you start spitting at your screen, I think all of them have something to offer

George Osborne
Heading up the team as he is potentially going to be chancellor.

Kenneth Clarke
Been there, seen it, done it and a wise head with experience in my opinion.

Vince Cable
I know he’s been accused of flip flopping but I feel he could be a valuabel member of the team as he forecast what happened.

Alistair Darling
I feel his hands were tied by Gordon Brown whist chancellor and given a free hand (so to speak) I think he could give a valuable insight into what’s been going on and maybe how to resolve things.

As I said (and have been saying for months) we need what’s best for the country and if that means bringing together members from each party then so be it. And it can benefit each party:

By bringing in other parties it shows he has the countries interests firsts and would hopefully go down better with the public.

Lib Dems
They could use their influence to negotiate / temper cuts they feel are too harsh.

Again as with the Lib Dems, Darling could use his influence to negotiate.

With the Lib Dems and Labour “onside” it should also temper the possible backlash from the usual band of union leaders / left wing activists / Tory haters. Cameron (and the other leaders) will be seen by the public as putting the country first and not the party and anyone trying to stop this potentially seen as anti-recovery.

I for one am optimistic for the future at the moment.

Any thoughts on your own Dream Team? Please leave a comment.

NB: Forgot one name – Philip Hammond (thanks to @the_bbq_bob)

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