Labour Lies Now On Twitter

I am a believer in equal rights (and equal responsibilities) for everyone, no matter their race, sex, religion or sexuality.

There are those however that I feel trivialise these rights by bending the truth and dropping in the occasional lie over something someone has said to suit their own political agenda. An example of this is a certain Labour activist who used the following statements in a poster:

More Labour Lies

As reported in the Daily Mirror (not know for a positive spin for the Tories):

“Shadow home secretary Chris Grayling said hotels should not be allowed to discriminate against homosexuals, but he suggested individuals should have the right to decide who stays in their home.”

Why shouldn’t individuals have the right to decide who stays in their home? Any of the Labour activists reading this fancy letting Nick Griffin stay overnight? No, thought not. And you shouldn’t have to.

The couple concerned ran a business from home. If you run it as a business then you should not be able to discriminate. Full stop! The law is there (and rightfully so) to stop discrimination. If you don’t like it, tough – don’t go into business.

However, every silver lining has a cloud. Please be aware this surely also means as everyone is deemed equal, we cannot stop the likes of Nick Griffin appearing in magazine interviews and on telly.

Personally I’d rather not ban him. I’d rather he was allowed his free speech so that his facts, like the Labour activist, can be brought into the open and debated and people allowed to make up their own minds.

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2 comments on “Labour Lies Now On Twitter
  1. toryaardvark says:

    Have you seen the Observer/Grauniad’s take on the story?

    Spin the lies

  2. hesspartacus says:

    I’ll repeat what I said to Iain Dale:

    Sorry, Iain. You’re way south of the mark on this one.

    As I said over at The Groan….

    Private property.

    Personal choice.

    Anathema to leftists.

    If the way forward for the brand of Tory thinking you represent is to legislate on matters of conscience, and that represents the majority view in the party, then one of us, Iain, is no longer a Tory.

    I should perhaps also reiterate my further comment that if it were my own establishment gay couples would be more than welcome.

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