It’s Not Just Politicians That Should Declare Interests

Tamasin Cave

Okay, firstly to declare an interest. I want Labour out. In all honesty the name of this blog should have given you a clue but just so that you are aware I do not want this government running the country for another 5 years.

Financially this blog is paid for out of my own pocket and not covered by either a bundles of notes from either Lord Ashcroft, Lord Paul or Charlie Whelan.

So why all the confessions? Well I read with great interest about the Labour politicians caught up in the lobbying row when they were stung by the Sunday Times. If they were to raise an issue in Parliament then they should declare an interest which is right and proper. I have no issue with Job Bloggs MP asking questions but I want to know why he’s asking so it helps be choose come polling day.

On March 14th Left Foot Forward ran an article called “Why we need for a compulsory register of lobbyists” by Tamasin Cave of the Alliance for Lobbying Transparency.

The article mentioned David Cameron’s warning over lobbying and then proceeded to only mention Conservative MP’s – a point that was noted and contacted Ms Cave directly about. To be fair she did reply although I wasn’t 100% convinced due to several of her (in my opinion) anti-Tory posts on other sites.

Credit where it’s due today then that Ms Cave has posted an article about the sting. So far there appears to be no mention on Left Foot Forward, but I’ll wait and see.

My point is that there are websites out there that purport to be unbiased and “for the people” and yet clearly have an agenda. Fair enough with a name like “Left Foot Forward” and Jack Straw’s son in charge they are never going to be 100% even handed.

But what about the Alliance for Lobbying Transparency, the Tax Payers Alliance and others? Should they be made to declare any political allegiance and funders? In my view yes they should and more so these days when groups or sites like these can be used by newspapers and TV as “spokespeople”.

If they don’t then how can we know if we are not being spun?

NB: GetLabourOut was not paid by paid in any way to write this but was handed a cup of tea part way through.

Why we need for a compulsory register of lobbyists

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One comment on “It’s Not Just Politicians That Should Declare Interests
  1. DavidGaleIndependent says:

    …but how would political parties be funded otherwise? ;o Cash for access ’stupidity’ is business as normal in party politics. They’re all at it: You’ll note that my warning came on 4th March.

    They even have warring factions within government. DWP versus the Cabinet Office has been the heavyweight contest for the past few years. Once you’ve worked within government, you come to understand that it’s the culture within the civil service and its relationship with suppliers, not just party politics, that’s the problem. What drives it all forward are tick-box targets that keep the focus short-term. With a few minor variations of flavour, Cameron’s crew spout the same performance-managed dogma as the Labour Party because, surprise, surprise, they’re briefed by the same civil servants and suppliers…

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