How Many More Labour Lies?

So today we find out that Gordon Brown misled us about defence spending and then compounded it by saying it was only 1 or 2 years when in fact it was more like 3 or 4 years. It also turns out that 2 of the governments adverts about climate change have been banned for being misleading. It makes you wonder just whether the promises being made by Labour are just as misleading.

After all, how much have we been promised in past elections and they’ve failed to deliver, which makes me think why the hell should I really trust them this time? For example:

  1. Labour said the Tories would £200m each year from the Sure Start budget – really?
  2. Gordon Brown said the defence budget has been rising every year – really & really?
  3. Labour said they can save over £2 billion in 3 years on the NHS – really?
  4. Ed Balls said children on free school meals was higher then the Tories reported – really?
  5. Gordon Brown said he had been right about the prospects for growth in the British economy and Vince Cable was wrong – really?
  6. Ben Bradshaw said the only party that would secure quality regional news was Labour – really?
  7. Harriet Harman said the Tories voted against the Equality Bill – really?
  8. John Prescott said that Gordon Brown was against entry into the ERM unlike the Tories – really?
  9. Gordon Brown and the accusations of bullying are rubbish – really?

That’s enough that I’ve come up with in just a couple of weeks with no real digging. With that sort of record I’m not sure I can really trust them.

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