Does Something Smell About Brown and Unite?

Does something smell about Gordon Brown having a go at Unite? Yes I know I am cynical about Brown but let’s not forget that Charlie Whelan is involved with both sides – and would you trust Whelan?

Brown is facing accusations in the press that the unions “own” Labour and with Unite funding over 20% of the party and starting a Unite4Labour site, they have a point. People are starting to wonder if Brown is really his own man and not under the control of the unions.

So consider this as a conversation:

Brown: “Charlie we need to show the voters that the unions don’t control me. That I am my own man
Whelan: “But we do own you. Well, 23% of you
Brown: “Yes but the public can’t know that. They’ll say we are like 1978 Labour
Whelan: “Mmm good point. And I don’t fancy wearing a hairpiece like Scargill
Brown: “What are we going to do then? You’re the ideas man
Whelan: “Okay we posture & call for strikes, you say we are wrong, call us a few names, clunk your fist a bit, and then we get back to the table. Public think you’ve sorted it out & aren’t really under our control
Brown: “That’s brilliant! Charlie you’re a star!
Whelan: “Yes I know. Now, close the door on your way out…

Just a thought…

Updated: BBC on Brown, BA and Unite

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