Labour – Stick Your Fingers in Your Ears

Denis MacShane has quit Total Politics because they are interviewing Nick Griffin, the BNP leader and sites handing them a propaganda victory by allowing them a voice.

Iain Dale, Total Politics’ publisher, has a different view however:

Whether we like it or not, the BNP has elected councillors and MEPs and may gain more than a million votes at the next election. To ‘no platform’ them is to hand them a propaganda triumph. In our view, their policies deserve proper scrutiny, and that is what I hope my interview will go some way to achieving.

Why is it that politicians are trying to stop opposing views? Yes you may not agree with them but does that mean they should not be heard and their policies put under scrutiny for all to see?

This does go along with several posters on Twitter – all Labourites:

  • John Prescott (@JohnPrescott)
  • Kerry McCarthy (@Kerry4MP)
  • Ellie Gellard (@BevaniteEllie)
  • Grace Fletcher-Hackwood (@msgracefh)

All appear to have an anti-Tory policy, or more accurately “if you don’t agree with us, we don’t want to hear”. This tribalism is not a good thing for politics as it alienates those who do not share their political viewpoint.

Surely we want our politicians to do their best for the country as a whole and not just for their own political beliefs.


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  1. […] we have Labour MP Denis MacShane quitting Total Politics because they interviewed Nick Griffin and yet Ed Balls appears to be saying that it’s okay […]

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