Mugabe – He Was Right About One Thing

Robert Mugabe

Just read an article about Mugabe on the website and his support for the Conservatives. Going by other posts online I’ve read I’d say there are two voices of opinion on this it:

  1. He genuinely wants the Tories in as he feels he can deal with them better than he can Labour;
  2. He’s bluffing as he’s aware of the feeling for him in the UK and thinks that by supporting the Tories, people will vote Labour – which is who he thinks he can deal with better;

I’m not convinced the public are going to switch voting because of who Mugabe supports but it may be another drop in the “drip drip drip” campaign against the Tories. Not enough on it’s own but with the Ashcroft thing etc it might add up.

One thing I did see and found myself agreeing with Mugabe on:

“”Blair is a downright liar, utterly dishonest, hypocritical,” the veteran leader said.

Looks like even Mugabe gets it right sometimes…

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