Kerry McCarthy – Playground Bully?

Kerry McCarthy

Just how insecure is Kerry McCarthy? Labour’s Twitter Tzar and current MP for Bristol East seems to have a line in blocking anyone that doesn’t follow the party line, which may work well preaching to the converted but surely doesn’t bode well if Labour get in again.

Does this mean that if you are a non-Labour voting member of her constituency you can forget about speaking to your MP? Isn’t that what we expect of a 5 year old in the playground who can’t get her own way and not a supposed adult responsible for the future of the country?

There was a #KerryOut campaign a while ago which seems to have started due to McCarthy blocking people. On the surface this may seem a shallow reason however should an MP be only happy to listen to the party line?

McCarthy has said (I believe & am looking for the quote) that she only blocks spammers and extremely abusive people. Talking to others this appears not to be the case. If this is the case then maybe Kerry McCarthy should be added to the list of Labour Liars.

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