Have Labour Been Lying Over Brown Bullying?

Have just read an article in the Mail about how Gordon Brown may not have been completely truthful about the allegations of bullying.

Since the allegations came out last week we’ve had the likes of Peter Mandelson and John Prescott defending Gordon Brown and saying they are not true / Coulson is worse / it’s a Tory plot. Fair enough as you would expect them to defend their boss – although I can’t think of 2 worse people to defend me on bullying allegations if I’m honest.

I do find it amusing that depending on which side of the political fence you sit Gordon Brown is a bully or passionate about his job. However I do find it hypocritical that the likes of John Prescott can see Gordon Brown as “passionate” yet anyone on the other side as a bully. But you know my views on John Prescott!

The “proof” of the allegations seems to come from a good source – Gordon Brown’s senior foreign policy adviser, Dr Stewart Wood (circled in the picture) during an interview with journalist Suzie Mackenzie. The interview can be read and heard here.

It now appears then that the issue is not just the alleged bullying but the lie. In an interview with Krishnan Guru-Murthy on Channel 4 last Saturday he was asked:

KGM: Or shoved them?
GB: No, I don’t do these sorts of things.

If Gordon Brown has lied on this, then what else has he lied on? McBride / Draper? The cuts Labour plan on making after the election? Is he and Labour (Mandelson, Prescott etc) prepared to lie just to get re-elected?

Maybe we should be taking a Long Hard Look At Labour.

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4 comments on “Have Labour Been Lying Over Brown Bullying?
  1. Lisa Harding says:

    This whole episode is turning into a watergate type event now with tapes coming to light that might show that there is some truth to all of these bullying accusations after all. I wonder how long Brown can hide his head in the sand about the whole affair before finally having to come clean about it.

    There is certainly no smoke without fire and there are now too many people claiming bullying antics for this to be scurrelous runour any more dont you think?


  2. getlabourout says:


    I think you’re right that there is no smoke without fire and there is too much coming out for it to be complete fabrication.

    Brown could nip this in the bud by coming clean – I’m not sure it’s within his nature to do so.


  3. Lisa Harding says:

    He doesnt know how to tell the truth and is in total denial about the whole affair. He’s still in denial about the economic disaster that he single handedly caused as chancellor so whats going to make him change his mind about telling the truth about this? NOthing i suspect.

    I am firmly of the opinion that he has some kind of pyschological disorder and has sociopathic tendencies. You stimualted me to make my own comment on the issue.


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