What Are The Tories Playing At?

How do you go from a huge lead to just 5% 2% in such a short space of time? Is it some stunning strategy by the Conservatives or have they lost their direction?

The majority opinion appears to be they have lost their direction and this may well be true. However I would like to offer a further theory – this is their Poker Face.

We’ve seen how Labour have “borrowed” some of the Tory policies and some would say are almost “Tory Lite” rather than New Labour. So why give Labour policy ideas before an election? How about the following for a scenario?

  1. Gordon Brown announces the election date
  2. Labour announce their policies
  3. The Tories announce their policies – with some real surprises

At this point it’s too late for Labour to “borrow”. It also only gives Labour maybe 4-6 weeks to attack them.

Although I hate to say it, I think Labour will become the #NastyParty this time round. There is too little policy coming out of Labour at the moment and too much “attack the Tories” which is why I think they will go for trying to scare the electorate.

I also think there will be some major upsets during the campaign and I think some players are holding their cards very close to their chests. If Guido Fawkes doesn’t have something explosive waiting to go off I will be very surprised.

McBride/Draper Mk2 anyone?

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One comment on “What Are The Tories Playing At?
  1. cogitodexter says:

    I’ve believed this scenario for ages, particularly the bit about Labour nicking the Tories’ voter-appealing policy announcements. They’ve been keeping their tinder boxes dry by necessity, trickling out just the bare minimum necessary to remind people that they’re there.

    We’ve seen the excellent 6-point pledge this weekend. If that were the only thing they could do I’d (rightly) despair, but they ARE better than this.

    We all know that the nest of vipers that is Mandelson, Balls and Brown will shamelessly ape anyone anywhere and conviction politics be damned if it means getting votes. Once the Labour Manifesto is set in stone, THEN we’ll hear about the Tories’ policies vision that’ll engage the voters.

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