Could A Labour Win Destroy The Party?

With the polls getting every closer (currently the Tory lead is at around 5% depending on which poll you use), there is a good chance that Labour may actually win come the GE10. Which could be very bad news for the party.

Now before you think I’m mad (it has been said), what if they do win and the leadership sees it as vindication for their policies and doesn’t implement what they have promised? Cast you mind forward to 2015 and Gordon is yet again asking us to give him another 5 years…

Possibly the end of the Labour party as we know it?

If it’s a hung parliament there is a real chance of a further election. Can Labour afford this? They are looking very tight for money and how much more can the unions such as Unite throw members money at them?

If they lose then the Tories will become the bearers of the poisoned chalice. They will be the ones making the cuts. This gives Labour 5 years to rebuild itself in opposition, to get rid of the current leadership, hangers on and political wannabes and make itself ready to face the Tories in 2015.

My money? A hung parliament with a small Tory majority (18/19 seats). This would hopefully send a message to all 3 parties that we are fed up with what we have and want change. Not just new or revamped slogans but real change in the way our country is run.

Where that would leave the Labour party, possibly with Brown still at the helm, remains to be seen.

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