A Future Fair For All?

Labour’s new election slogan “A Future Fair For All” turns out to be from 2003 in the end and nothing new. Very much along the lines of their policies at the moment.

You have to wonder if anyone thinks about the possible comebacks on these sorts of slogans as it’s widely reported that the gap between rich and poor has got wider under Labour, so how is that a future fair for all?

When he was chancellor, Gordon Brown was instrumental in damaging so many people’s pensions. People that had saved to be less of a burden on the state when they retired saw their future start to ebb away. How is that a future fair for all?

Now a new website has started and captured Labour’s slogan – A Future Fair For All and is currently ranked 2nd on Google (as at 24th Feb-2010).

Their aim is to take not just a second look at Labour, but a long hard look at Labour and the damage they have done over the last 13 years and ask – can we trust them to really provide a future fair for all?

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